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Written By Shantell Wellington September 28, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

Obedience will require some level of discomfort, and it was an uneasy yet highly inspired Shantel Wellington who took to social media to share the story behind her gym membership and, in doing so, encouraging people, Christians and unbelievers alike, to desist from accepting abnormalities in behavior and feelings in their lifestyles.

In a video posted to Facebook some time ago, Wellington shared that she began working out because she was very close to being diagnosed with hypertension because of the high-pressure environment she works in and her unhealthy diet.

Prior to being encouraged by a co-worker to visit the doctor and later having it professionally confirmed that she had consistent alarming high blood-pressure readings, the young woman admitted that she often struggled with severe headaches – something she had grown to somewhat accept and brush off.

“What I realize is we accept abnormal things so easily because we get so comfortable with it happening to us, so it becomes a part of us. The purpose of [the] video is to say that in general, and especially as people of God, we need to start speaking against some things that are abnormal,” she said after admitting that the backstory of how she began working out somewhat transcended into something deeper.

Severe Burden

According to Wellington, who runs a blog and goes by the moniker ‘The Fancy Believer’, “I was assessing how my journey started and was burdened with the feeling of people who are depressed. They’ve pretty much accepted it as normal. Then the Lord said to me I need to share my story on the platform which I use so often to help someone. The burden I felt was so severe – anxiety filled my being! I knew this was a clear instruction, and all that was required of me was obedience, so I immediately recorded and posted without hesitation.

“It was laid upon my heart to address depression. There are a lot of persons out there suffering from depression, and they need help. And you’ve got so used to feeling depressed, so you’ve accepted it as a part of you. Some persons don’t know, but there are others who can identify that they are depressed but say it’s just another day.”

The 27-year-old woman of God is encouraging people to begin denouncing all things that are negative in their lives and ask for help where they see fit.

“There are people who are deep in depression – they are suffering and are not able to speak over their own lives. Ask for help. I am not saying you should post your personal business, but send out a request – there are a lot of persons out there who would stop to pray and help you along the way. Those around you will not always recognize that you are in need of help, and as people of God, stop accepting things that are abnormal. Identify when the Devil is trying to back you in a corner or to convince you to pronounce a certain behavior as who you are. It’s not. And who God has called you to be is far more than someone who cries every night and goes to sleep thinking nobody loves you. If you need help, then ask,” Wellington said.

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