Cane River Falls

Written By Shantell Wellington June 16, 2020 - 2 Comment(s)

Nestled in a small community off the main road in Bull Bay, St. Thomas.. Cane River Falls is one of Jamaica’s local hidden attractions.
I love traveling and that coupled with being a ‘water baby’ I couldn’t wait until the Covid restrictions were eased. This is my second trip to Cane River Falls … well let me say third because I made the mistake of going there last Sunday and it was PACKED! I went back on Monday.
There is clear signage at the left turn into the community that states ‘this way to Cane River’. The journey from there is approximately a 10 mins drive. There is also a sign at the entrance when you arrive so you can’t miss it! Entry fee is JMD$300 per person. Changing rooms are available by the parking area, no showers.

Let’s talk about the entrance to falls .😥 If you are familiar with the popular attraction Dunn’s River Falls and the beach entrance, then ‘you know the swheeps’ a.k.a. you know what’s up. It is quite the trek down a few flight of stairs.

The scenery is gorgeous though. As you journey down the steps you can hear the sounds of birds chirping, laughter, high pitch screams from those attempting to stand beneath the heavy water droplets from the falls and of course the exotic scent of cannabis being puffed in the air. The main area for swimming is a small pool where the water descends from the falls. There are other little spots available along the river to sit and enjoy. I suggest walking with only necessities to the river area as there is not a designated space to leave valuables. Secure them in your vehicle. The area seems pretty safe. There is no guard on duty as well. It also a good option to walk with food even though there is a little snack bar but with limited options. If you are a fan of a picturesque river area, Cane River Falls is definitely an option to explore.

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  • Crystal Lewis says:

    WOW I love the sound of that, jus the other day I saw the place on Instagram with yendi and I told my sister and cousins that we are going so now I definitely going. Thanks 😁😁😁😁😁

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