How Is Your Health?

Written By Shantell Wellington April 21, 2020 - 0 Comment(s)

The desire to change an aspect of our lives will require us to slowly step away from our normal. Change comes with discomfort. 

April 14, 2019. I embarked on a new journey. I had previously been going to gym in 2018 and fell off track. The disappointment of that would linger in my mind but I still would not fix the problem. We can easily detect the things we want to change about ourselves but taking action seem phantom. I would recall the reasons I started initially but they weren’t enough to make me recommit. I would find excuses to comfort myself. I later realized why. My mindset was wrong. I wasn’t living this change. I only saw it as something necessary to gain the perceived results I wanted.

I’d have fitness conversations with my friend/make-up artiste and one day she told me to try the program she’s on. I saw her progress and that of others and I enrolled. I was skeptical about surviving on a water only diet and living on a meal plan but I made up mind that I was going to do it. This program has pushed me beyond what I could ever imagine I can do. Never in a million years as a (juice drinker), I thought I could have water instead or sticking to a meal plan without dying of hunger. I learnt the literally meaning of mind controlling body. Overtime my body adjusted to it’s new normal.  It’s a lifestyle change. Practice and sacrifice get the job done if you want it bad enough. While we are aware, we control our minds, that reality often evades us. Yes, your’e absolutely right! Healthy is not cheap. However, think about small changes you can make, start them and everything else follows. Habits are repeated actions and we tell our bodies what to do. This journey killed so many myths and  buried a million I can’t.


A new me emerged. Accountability played an important role as it forced me to stay on track, to be prepared for my week ahead and plan accordingly because I MUST send the information to my *trainer. Let me interject- it is ok to seek help. Find someone who is not afraid to tell you truth and keep you in check. Sound guidance facilitates growth. Living my new normal also helped me improve in other areas of my life. Additionally, I gained new friends and a support group that celebrate your smallest victories. A community of like-minded people fuels the drive. I get complacent and distracted at times but I try my hardest to stay committed. Importantly, don’t compare your journey to others. Our bodies are all unique.

Oh! Ditch the scale! HIDE IT! My *trainer instructed. The fluctuations in weight your body will endure at the beginning of your journey, your mind is not mature enough to handle. Your health is your wealth. Invest in it.  TRUST THE PROCESS.

*trainer- Orandy Smith

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