Jesus at the Center

Written By Shantell Wellington September 28, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

A friend I recently met said to me, “The problem we face in this world today is, society dictates that your partner should be the center of your world.” I mean we all have things to do daily, right? Especially with our jobs being so demanding. He couldn’t be more correct.

That statement elicited a wave of emotions from me. It dawned on me that this is exactly how we think as young people. We want the world to revolve around us, thus making our partners the focal points of our lives. We become so attached that our very happiness is hinged on them. If we do not receive a text message saying, ‘I love you’ or a mere ‘Hey, what’s up?’ our peace of mind is affected.

This has caused so many of us to become hurt and bitter. When the ‘centerpiece’ we created in their humanly, natural ways fail us, our world FALLS APART! They will fail you! Don’t get it twisted.

A partner should complement you, not give you life and a reason for living. Yes, they will certainly encourage and allow you to become a better person, but that’s God’s way of using them to propel you into purpose! Allow your hope to be built on NOTHING LESS than Jesus Christ!  Make Jesus the Center of It All! #TheSource #EverlastingJoy  #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLight

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