Make or Buy?

Written By Shantell Wellington October 3, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

Most of us, if not all, would have been familiar with the make or buy concept in math class.

This idea includes the act of choosing between manufacturing a product in-house or purchasing it from an external supplier.

Let us translate that into fashion. In fashionista terms, the decision is between ready-made or done to order; unless of course you have the ability to sew, (bless your hearts) in which the choice is clear in some cases. Even though you cut out the seamstress fee, the cost of the fabric, trimmings and other accessories, may add up to be greater than buying an outfit from a store. That said, here are my top 4 considerations:

  • Material Cost
  • Whether you choose to source the fabric for yourself or allow your seamstress to purchase same, remember, large chain suppliers purchase in bulk. This results in them getting a significantly less expensive cost price, which they, in turn, sell at a markup. Therefore, buying fabric may actually work out to be the same price as buying ready made
  • Additionally, Whilst a designer caters to your body type and captures your curves, remember also unless you are prepared to fork out big bucks. The quality of fabric in ready-made clothes can be poor, due to cheaper mass production.
  1. Labour Cost
  2. Factoring the time it takes to make your outfit, compared to the event date is very important, unless you have a designer who literally slots you in at the last minute😥 It works out better to grab something at the store, that was previously made, especially if you are going to be charged an express fee to fit your schedule.
  1. Geographical Factors
  2. Ready-made clothing is cut and sewn for the general population.
  3. Depending on the country in which you live, for example, China, you may find:
    • – the clothes are made to fit a longer torso
    • – some are made with limited button spaces
    • – persons might be a size small, but that figure will vary
    • – smaller butt with bigger boobs
    • – small boobs and broad shoulder, etc.

To find real quality clothing, persons tend to walk daily to find something that was ready made.

  1. Season
  2. It is a fact and it is understandable that clothing reflects seasons. Depending on the occasion, it may be easier to grab something in the store because it is in season. The reverse may also be true – it can prove difficult to find something in a particular season because it is in demand.

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