Posing A Problem? I Got You!

Written By Shantell Wellington April 22, 2020 - 0 Comment(s)

Ladies I’m sure you can agree that one of your worst nightmare is being photographed from the wrong angle. At least, it’s mine. Camera angle does affect the shape of our bodies in pictures. Therefore, posing correctly is essential, especially if you’re in the lime light. Certainly, you will not always have the time to pose and we can only hope our candid shots are magnificent when we see them. Especially those on the various social media outlets, which we hope would select our best picture at times right? Wrong! I remember seeing a picture of myself on Instagram which made me rethink ever going out again! I kid you not!

That said, here are 2 of my favorite basic poses for women:

  1. Waist Snatcher
  • Use both hands to define your waist line.
  • You can do palm down (demonstrated above) or fingers meeting across your abdomen.
  • Place your hands just above your hip forming acute angles. The exact location for your palm is right at the crest of your hip bone.
  • Point elbows outward. Your arms are now elongated, adding dimension.
  • Slightly bring your shoulders forward and tighten your core.

Your waist immediately looks smaller and snatched, belly tucked away and you’ll be serving arms all day!

  1. The Money Shot
  • Turn sideways, look away from the camera.
  • Lengthen your neck by bringing you chin up above your shoulder (I always forget this step).
  • Roll your shoulders back.
  • Move the leg closet to the camera backwards and point the other leg forward.
  • Ensure your weight rests on the backward leg.
  • Slightly turn your torso and head to face the camera.
  • Bring on hand across your abdomen or rest it on your hip for definition.
  • Your arms are now elongated, adding dimension.

Voilà! You’ve got the money shot!

There are many variations to these poses and you should definitely practice a few.

Live magazine ready! Create your own covers! Live your best life!

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