Written By Shantell Wellington September 28, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

They are words of wisdom,

When seeking souls for the kingdom.

Sharing an experience with an unsaved,

So they know we were once there,

But gave it up one day.

They are the tales of the trials we go through,

Of how we prayed and God delivered,

Of how He is not there sometimes when we want him,

But comes right on time.

He said, “Tell I you by whose authority I do these things.”

So who are we to question Him,

When He’s just trying to take us under His wings?

They are the experiences that encourage our brothers and sisters,

To keep the faith and to sustain ourselves,

By reading the Word until that day comes,

When we will reach Heaven’s gates.

Never be afraid to share your testimonies of what God has done for you,

Because you never know what your words can do.

Instead of complaining, thank God for your test,

Because they only make you stronger to rise above the rest.

For how would ministry be effective,

If we had nothing to share?

Remember, God is in control

And He’s always there!

~An original piece written in 2010

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