The Heels of RedemptionšŸ‘ 

Written By Shantell Wellington September 28, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

It is sad to think, in an era where 3-inch kitten heels, chunky heels, low wedges and the very lowest of heels are making rounds in the fashion sphere, ladies are out here killing themselves to walk in stilettos. Ladies, take advantage of the saving graces that have beset us! They have come to redeem you! Sandals arešŸ‘” the cutest trends on the scene so please, get a pair. I can understand the grief of the ladies, like myself, with that 9-wide struggle, whose feet are simple left hanging over the slender cuts of sandals; unless youā€™ve located the rare, wide cut ones. By the way, it is for this reason, I wear mostly closed-toe heels. To be honest, I literally just got my self a pair of sandals and the best option is to wear it with clothing that is ankle length. That said, the time you would have taken to convince yourself that you will manage a 6-inch heel for the duration of an entire event (with the audacity of not walking with a pair of ā€˜flatsā€™, then you end up barefooted with your heels swinging off your index finger, like they are an accessory..golly!), please use it to consider us out there who have to see you walking like another species in human surroundings. Stop tricking yourselves! From the moment you try on a shoe, you can tell how it fits. It is okay to decide that, ā€œHey, this is a ā€˜show up & take a picā€™ or this is a ā€˜stand for an hour only shoe.ā€ The important thing is, your shoe choice should be dictated by the nature of the event. Certainly, you canā€™t go to a classy, elegant event in bomb show and then boom, an hour later your entire look collapses. Nah! Know your environment and where you can get away with a shoe change. If it is a 3 hour or more event, wear your most comfortable shoe.

Letā€™s get it together. Take advantage of the heels of redemption!

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