You Are A Believer (Declaration)

Written By Shantell Wellington September 28, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

You are beautiful.

You are great.

You are strong.

No good thing will He withhold from you.

You are called.

You are predestined.

You are chosen.

You are purposed.

You will not become dormant,

But will remain active on the path for which you were ordained.

Like lava, from your core, you will burn with the fire of God.

Your lips will make utterances unknown to man.

Your hands will be a weapon which confuses the enemy and thwarts his plans.

Your feet will tread into new territories.

You are the chosen one with the good news.

You are the remnant.

You are the bride – of Christ.

You are the ‘good’ one he created for His glory.

You are the blessed one.

You are the persecuted one.

You are the one lied upon.

You are redemption’s plan.

You are the reason for the cross.

You are the recipient of grace.

You are the peacemaker.

You exude the fruit of the spirit.

You are a carrier of the word.

You are the Christ representer.

You are a BELIEVER!

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