‘You Have the Key to Unlock Another Man’s Purpose’

Written By Shantell Wellington September 28, 2018 - 0 Comment(s)

We can’t fathom God, and I think it’s about time we stop trying to. Right? Recently I’ve been reading the book of Chronicles and something blew me away. In 1 Chronicles 28, we see David’s plan for the temple of God, down to the ‘t’.  He exclaimed in vs 2 that he had in his heart to build a temple, as a resting place for the ark of the covenant, but was instructed by God, “Not to build a house for my name.” The Lord would have then instructed him of the chosen one Solomon (v 6), who should build the temple.

I then had this revelation:

Walking in obedience can sometimes allow someone else to come into their purpose and the will of God for their lives. Yes, we may have come up with the grand plan, and we want to see it to completion, but the Lord would have stopped us in our tracks. Sometimes we proceed because it is ‘my Big Bang Theory’, but it is not for us to carry out. To think, after we would have gone ahead, seen this plan to completion, then afterward it didn’t turn out well and would have been so much better if, let us say, “Mary”, worked on it. The Lord would have ordained her for that specific purpose.

Pass it on to that person God has directed you to. Don’t worry, he would have prepared them before your arrival.

A further example in 2 Chronicles 2, Solomon requested men to help build the temple for specific skilled areas. This is the essence of kingdom building, God will use us at the point of our capability, which is why we are ALL important in the kingdom of God. The next time you think you don’t need people, and you don’t need to mend broken fences or apologize,  and you can just casually make it on your own in this Christian race, or even life in general, it is not of God.

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